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Important courses, very much needed in this current time

Level 2 Award in Alcohol Awareness from Active IQ online


This online qualification busts the myths about how much is too much, what is ok and how to help people with health issues resulting from too much fizz. So if you know someone who fits into this category, be it friend, client or colleague, this course can help you to understand how you can support and help them.


Level 2 Award in Mental Health Awareness from Active IQ online


This online course gives you the ability to understand more in the area of Mental Health. At WellFit we think that this is a perfect way to support people, and to give understanding to more people about this topic. We think that people should be healthy both physically and just as importantly mentally, which is why this is one of our courses that we love the most.


Level 2 Award in Smoking Awareness & Cessation from Active IQ online


This course is a brilliant course to do hand in hand with the award in alcohol awareness course, as both give you the ability to really understand how to help people in your life, be it yourself, your family or your clients. Both of these courses promote wellness, by giving you the facts and understanding in these areas.


Level 2 Award in Understanding Nutrition, Performance and Healthy Eating from Active IQ online


Do you have no idea what healthy eating looks like? Is it five portions of fruit and veg a day, 10, 50? Is pasta ok? Should I be vegan? If this sounds like a conversation you have had then this course is ideal for you! This course is an online course, so you can learn at your own pace, when you like as you like.


Level 3 Award in Nutrition for Exercise and Health from Active IQ online


Worried about eating healthily and how to tell your clients that they are eating too much cake? Well then this is the course for you. Well actually it is for anyone that holds a Level 2 Fitness Instructor qualification that is curious about Nutritional Knowledge within Health and Exercise. If you don't have a level 2 Fitness Instructor Qualification speak to us anyway, we will be able to find your route.


Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy from Active IQ 


This is a course that anyone can do! So whether you are a gym user, personal trainer, or someone who would like to learn how to give a great massage, and all about using massage within a sport environment this is perfect for you!


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