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Welcome to our blog page, our company is slightly different to most fitness companies. We focus on wellness and fitness as we believe that they go hand in hand. There is no point having a great body, running marathons and climbing whichever mountains, if you are not happy and well, well.

Our blogs will be written by all of our team members, will be unedited, as ultimately that is what a blog should be, some may contain swearing, some will not, all will be honest. We don't believe in showing the perfect side of life, seriously no-one has a perfect life. There is always something that goes wrong each day (just this morning I woke up to a wonderful present in the kitchen from my stubborn, french bulldog – the air did turn blue – I am not good before my coffee), and we think that this side of life should also be shown both in blogs and on our instagram feed. Hopefully it makes you think, Hallelujah, I am not alone (or at least share tips with other readers)!

So if you like blogs that are slightly different, cover different topics (not just wellness and fitness) and have a few spare minutes, take a look. Hopefully we can start conversations on different topics and start to think and act in ways that increase wellness for all.

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